Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women

For all those women who carry an hour glass body shape, shopping for right clothes might seem to be a big challenge. If you get the right size, the design is not convincing, and then there is some mindset about color combination, which makes it even tough to shop. Fashion is all about freedom to wear what you want with confidence. So, the first thing you should remember is not to go by what is being followed from ages. Wear your own style. Don’t hesitate to buy dresses that in others opinion is ‘not meant for plus size women’. If you fall in the same category and you feel stressed whenever you open your wardrobe or go for shopping, then the below amazing tips will help you enjoy dressing and shopping.

Tip 1- Look for a Nice Tailor

It often happens that just due to minor fitting problems, we have to reject the dress. Well, if you have a good tailor, you don’t have to do that. When a little alteration can help you to fit in the dress you liked, why not just pick it. Look for a tailor who is expert in alterations. This might demand spending some extra money, but it’s worth. So, the dresses which you had put out of your shopping cart can now be in your closet with this idea.

Tip 2: Don’t Compromise with Your Undergarments

Undergarments make a lot of difference to your outfit and posture. Make sure you invest in a good fitting brassier. It will enhance the look of your clothes, improve posture, and some even can make your look toned. You may find it little too much to spend on a high quality brassier, but trust that it is one investment for which you will never feel guilty of spending.

Tip 3: Do Explore New Trends and All Stores

If you have the habit of passing by the stores thinking that they will not have your size and type of clothes then give yourself a break. Today, designers and brands are putting all possible efforts to cater to everyone. So, until and unless you try it out, you are never going to know. Don’t stick to your staple stores for buying your dresses, explore new stores and brands, and expect the unexpected.

Tip 4: Avoid Baggy and Oversize Clothes

This is the weirdest fashion myth that plus size women should go with loose fitting clothes only. It is absolutely wrong. Baggy clothes make you look even more oversize. For hiding the body curves, many women prefer oversize clothes. However, there are other strategic clothing techniques that can solve the purpose.

Tip 5: Hairstyle, Makeup, and Accessories

According to the style of your dress, figure out which hairstyle can best highlight your features. It is important to do some makeup also to complete your look. Stick to basic makeup, never overdo. Lip gloss and little eye shading should be sufficient. Finally, accessorize your clothes with complimenting add-ons.

Above all, be confident of whatever you are wearing. You should be comfortable in your attire, only then it will appeal to others. Follow your fashion instincts rather than following the herd. If you know how to do it right, then you don’t have to look for ‘the right’.

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